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Steve Wright

Team: Cable & Wireless Polar Team

HOME:  Alderney, Channel Islands
AGE:  39
HEIGHT:  175cm (5'9")
WEIGHT:  72kg (159 lbs)
PROFESSION:  Telephone Engineer and Alderney Manager for Cable & Wireless Guernsey
INTERESTS:  I love the sea and currently enjoy ribbing, diving and being part of the lifeboat crew. I also enjoy reading, music and time with my family.
PREVIOUS COLDEST PLACE:  I think skiing in Scotland clinches this one as well
(although we did get a heavy frost in Alderney last winter!)
REASON FOR ENTERING RACE:  The personal challenge together with the lure of such an alien environment proved too much to resist.
WEBSITE:  www.cwpolarteam.com


Born in Alderney in the Channel Islands in 1966 and still living there. I really enjoyed freedom and the outdoor life growing up on such a safe, child-friendly island. I spent most of my time beaching, biking, exploring, fishing, dingy sailing, camping and scouting to name a few activities. Educated in the local combined primary and secondary school until I slipped into the "drop out zone" when starting my exams. A swift move to Jersey for a couple of years saw me successfully through my O levels and then back to Alderney.

I started working at a local garage but then moved to the local telecommunications company where I completed an apprenticeship and I am still working there now.

Having met and married Erica in Alderney we started to build a 13m catamaran with ideas of sailing off into the sunset. This rather ambitious project has been delayed whilst we built our house, had a couple of children, extended the house, had a couple more children and are now finishing the garden and spending a lot of time with the family! The boat project was back on track with ideas of launching next year but now an Arctic expedition is on the cards as well!

Asides from the time spent with my family, I am a keen sailor and diver and like to get on the sea as often as I can. I am also lucky enough to be on the local lifeboat and enjoy the challenges this provides as well as being part of a great team.


The main sponsor for our team is Cable & Wireless, our employers. They have given over half of the entry fee, for which we are very grateful.


Computer Protec Systems is a specialist in provision and maintenance of UPS systems, generators and full electrical installations for businesses in the Channel Islands.

  Computer Protec Systems

KPMG delivers a comprehensive range of professional services to businesses worldwide and in the Channel Islands is a leading provider of audit, tax and regulatory services.


Fibre Technologies supplies fibre communications equipment to the telecommunications industry.



We are aiming to raise £20,000 for the Guernsey GOSH appeal, which is raising funds to build an accommodation block at Great Ormond Street. Once again thanks must go to our sponsors for enabling us to enter this race and to attempt to raise this money.

Every year dozens of Guernsey children are treated at the world famous Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The accommodation for both children and parents desperately needs upgrading. This appeal aims to raise funds to help build and furnish a Guernsey floor in the planned "Patient Hotel", opposite the Hospital, which will benefit local children and their parents for years to come.


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