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The Polar Race: the race to the magnetic North pole

We have the experience to help you achieve this. Since 2003, we have had only two people unable to reach the pole after starting out from Resolute Bay.

That's a 97% success rate!

This is a challenge without comparison and a journey of self-discovery you will never forget.

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2013 - A Decade of Expedition Racing comes to an end.

Published: Tuesday, 10th May 2011 12:30

Polar Race is the original pure expedition style race to the Magnetic North Pole and this is the chance to make your mark and join the elite band of 'Polar Racers'.

After 10 hugely successful years of participant achievement made possible by Jock Wishart and his dedicated support team, 2013 will be the final opportunity to compete in the Polar Race.

Jock says:

This is the chance for those special people with 'what it takes' to say I did it while it was still possible

The sheer amount of work required to organise the logistics of such a complicated event cannot be underestimated - it has to be thoroughly professional on every level from risk assessment to training, from clothing and equipment to specialist aircraft.

The ever rising costs, in particular fuel, has had a massive impact and now climate change is also playing a major part as Jock aims to demonstrate by rowing, yes rowing, to the very same pole in July and August of this year.

As this will be the last race of its kind (to be held in April 2013) we intend for it to be a culmination of the skills and experiences gained along the way.

Those competing will also face the challenge of a new financial world so those entering must be 100% committed.

"Previous racers refer to the life changing experience as well as the incredible sense of achievement and we are extremely proud to have made this possible"

Let 2013 be a land mark in your life and we encourage you compare our credibility against anyone.

The full price which contains absolutely everything is to be shortly confirmed.

Don't delay apply now

The Polar Race always delivers!

It's a Wrap

Published: Monday, 9th May 2011 12:30

Now we are eventually back in the UK. We can reflect on a "job well done" by all - competitors and organisers alike.

It never gets easier and in some ways this was the most difficult yet.

Everyone in the Race "got their pole" while others not under our control or direction and not so focused or determined did not. The fact that these people had to call in several Medical Evacuations which involves a cost to insurance makes life even more difficult in the future as "underwriters" become less inclined to give anyone insurance cover.

If anything the weather was a lot better this year than last though there were 3 or 4 days when the wind ruled and humans and planes did not move and these exactly coincided with when you did want them to move!

With only a couple of teams involved this year we expected things to be slightly less competitive, which they were initially, and our teams had to be reminded that there is still a time scale to be met but after a bit of "geeing" up they responded and in the end there was only 3 hours between the teams with the Internationals (Ryan Malfara/Rob Platt/Lee Swan) beating the Slugs (Rob MacAllister/Lucy Maizels/Jo Winchcombe).

Exceptionally close after many days of racing and the closest ever.

This could have easily gone the other way if the Slugs had put into their GPS the right co-ords of the third checkpoint. However "rules are rules". In a few years time it will be forgotten who was first in the Race but having "walked successfully to a Pole" will be something that remains with you forever.

It was really only after our contestants got to the Pole that the real problems started as after losing a plane through the ice to the bottom of the ocean last year the pilots are understandably more cautious this year. It is a dangerous job and the pilot has the final call.

Consequently the pilot refused to land on the ice runway prepared and our contestants had to "walk out" - a Herculean task having just finished a hard slog to the Pole. The fact that they were all within minutes of catching the plane from the alternative landing strip 13 miles away is testament to their fitness and determination. Unfortunately half the party did not and this had a considerable "knock on" effect in our eventual departure from Canada and our orderly withdrawel from Resolute but the midnight oil was burnt and some shrewd negotiation over a plane flight out of Resolute enabled us at to get to Ottawa fairly promptly and with everything eventually packed away in an orderly fashion.

A timely reminder that the Arctic is a tough place and you need to be tough just to be there.

Thanks again to all these people who have been with me for a number of Races and who again did outstanding jobs: Steve Pinfield, Neil Williams, Tony Woodford, Danny Munden and back in the UK webmaster Chris Walker and without whom the Race would not be possible. Continuity is extremely important and these people know their jobs very well.

New to the Race this year was Doctor Anna Thomas who had little to do apart from blisters and one infected finger and added a lot of charm to what is normally an all male support group.

Thanks also to the Racers who as always become our greatest supporters having accomplished something really extraordinary and for whom life will never be the same again having "walked to a Pole".

In the next couple of days we will be making an announcement as to the future of the Race. Please watch this space.

Footage from the Pole

Published: Tuesday, 3th May 2011 09:30

We have new photo's up in our gallery, taken at the Magentic North Pole, courtesy of Ryan and Rob. Ryan also had some video footage taken once all the racers had reached the pole.

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