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Polar Race Route

Polar Race The Polar Race follows the route taken by the 1996 Ultimate Challenge.

The competitors start from Resolute Bay, on the south side of Cornwallis Island in the northern province of Nunavut, Canada. The race continues along the west coast of the island before crossing to the Polaris Mine on Little Cornwallis Island. This is the first checkpoint / re-supply point with an option to exit by plane for those who feel unable to continue.

From here there are a number of different routes depending on ice conditions. Teams are likely to encounter bitter winds, may have to overcome possible problems of open water and be aware of the very real problem of Polar bears.

The second checkpoint is to the north of Bathurst Island near the mid-point of the long crossing to King Christian Island situated in the Maclean Strait. From here there is another choice of route into the vicinity of the North Magnetic Pole. The route is either around or over the Noice Peninsula on Ellef Ringnes Island.

Race Stages

Stage 1
Resolute Bay to near the site of the old Polaris Mine on Little Cornwallis Island
(Start Line - 74°42'N 94°50'W, Checkpoint 1 - 75°25'N 96°58'W)
65 miles
Stage 2
Polaris Mine to a waypoint north of Bathurst Island, Cator Harbour
(Checkpoint 2 - 76°44'N 99°36'W)
130 miles
Stage 3
Bathurst Island to a waypoint near King Christian Island
(Checkpoint 3 - 78°0'N 102°50'W)
95 miles
Stage 4
King Christian Island to Magnetic Pole Position
(Finish Line - 78°35.7'N 104°11.9'W)
60 miles

Please note

The route displayed in the map and the checkpoint positions listed above are approximations to the actual route and locations, which are liable to change due to prevailing conditions at the time.

The distances quoted above are in regular (statute) miles. To convert to nautical miles, divide by 1.151.

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