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Resolute Bay - Start Point of the Polar Race

The second northernmost community in Canada, Resolute Bay is located in the High Arctic on the south coast of Cornwallis Island. The gateway to the High Arctic, Resolute Bay is the major stopover for expeditions to the North Pole and to Quttinirtaaq (Ellesmere Island) National Park, and a base for scientific research. There is a weather station as well as the Polar Continental Shelf Project research camp located within the community.

Resolute's history has the most European influence of all the Nunavut communities. The site was a critical junction along the Northwest Passage, the famed route to Asia sought by European explorers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The community is named after the HMS Resolute, a British ship that was in search of the lost Franklin expedition. For more information about Resolute Bay, see the Nunavut Handbook website at www.arctictravel.com/chapters/resolutepage.html

Getting There: First Air operates flights from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay on Wednesday and Saturday and from Edmonton via Yellowknife on Saturday. During the busier summer months, a second flight from Edmonton via Yellowknife is available on Thursdays. Please check with the airline for schedule changes.

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Community Services and Information
Population ~225
Region Qikiqtani
Time Zone Central
Postal Code X0A 0V0

Population based on Hamlet Office statistics

RCMP 867-252-1111
Health Centre 867-252-3844
Fire Emergency 867-252-3333
Post Office 867-252-3959

Qarmartalik School (K-12) 867-252-3888
Arctic College 867-252-3782

Early Childhood Services
Resolute Bay Child Care Society
Day Care 867-252-3600

St. Barnabas Anglican (no phone)

Community Wellness/Recreation
D N Salluviniq Gym 867-252-3746
Community Wellness 867-252-3401

Local Communications
Internet (Nunanet) 867-979-0772
Cable 867-252-3854
Community Radio 867-252-3683

Airport 867-252-3923

Hunters and Trappers Organization

Tourism Office 867-252-3155

Interact banking machine available at the Co-op.

Hamlet Office 867-252-3616
For more information about Qikiqtani regional government departments, Inuit organizations, industry
associations and development corporations, see Qikiqtani regional page.

Accommodation and Dining
Narwhal Hotel
PH: 867-252-3968
FX: 867-252-3960
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotel and restaurant

Qausuittuq Inns North
PH: 867-252-3900
FX: 867-252-3766
Hotel & public restaurant, touroperators.

South Camp Inn
PH: 867-252-3701
FX: 867-252-3663
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotel and restaurant, tour operators

Tudjaat Co-operative Limited (Inuit)
PH: 867-252-3854
FX: 867-252-3618
Retail and groceries, hardware/tools

Tudjaat Co-operative Ltd.
(Gift Shop)
PH: 867-252-3718
Located at airport; open
Wednesdays and Saturdays

Transportation and Shipping
First Air
PH: 867-252-3981
Web: www.firstair.com
Scheduled & charter flights

Kenn Borek Air Ltd.
PH: 867-252-3845
FX: 867-252-3777
Aircraft charter, freight & cargo,
scheduled flights to Grise Fiord

Expediting, Contracting & Equipment Supply
953731 NWT Limited (Inuit)
PH: 867-252-3701
FX: 867-252-3663
General contracting, aircraft loading & unloading, sea-lift cartage, heavy equipment leasing, vehicle renting, construction material.

Atirktaq Ltd.
PH: 867-252-3694
FX: 867-252-3119
E-mail: [email protected]
General contracting

Auviq Company
PH: 867-252-3736
FX: 867-252-3736
General contracting, earth moving, heavy equipment.

Narwhal Arctic Services
PH: 867-252-3925
FX: 867-252-3649
Logistical support, vehicle rental, equipment rental, general contracting

Tourism and Culture

High Arctic International Explorer Services *
PO Box 200
PH: 867-252-3875
FX: 867-252-3766
Outfitting, arctic clothing for winter travel, XBS radio rentals, help with organizing day trip and travel in high arctic area.

Inuktitut Outfitting *
PO Box 85
PH: 867-252-3174
Sight seeing, camping, history, touring

Nanuk Outfitting Ltd. *
PO Box 98
PH: 867-252-3694
FX: 867-252-3119
E-mail: [email protected]
Big game sport hunting, outfitting

Polar Ice Expeditions *
PO Box 175
PH: 867-252-3747
FX: 867-252-3747
E-mail: [email protected]

Resolute Bay Hunters and
Trappers Organization *
PH: 867-252-3170
FX: 867-252-3800
Local information about the land, country foods, outfitting

South Camp Inn *
PO Box 300
PH: 867-252-3701
FX: 867-252-3663
Eco-tourism, dog-team, boat, ski-doo

* Outfitting and guiding services dependent upon annual license renewal

Technical and Communications

Radio Station (FM 105.1)
PH: 867-252-3683
Public announcement broadcasting

Salluvinik Tusajiuvinga
PH: 867-252-3603
Interpreting and translation services

Other Services

Polar Continental Shelf Project
PH: 867-252-3872
FX: 867-252-3605

Inuk Diver
Experienced diving services

(Inuit) = On NTI Inuit Firm Registry Dec 2001

For more information about business in Nunavut contact: Canada-Nunavut Business Service Centre
Parnaivik Building, BOX/CP 1000 STN 1198, Iqaluit, Nunavut X0A 0H0
PH: 867-979-6813 / Toll-free: 1-877-499-5199 • FX: 867-979-6823/Toll-free: 1-877-499-5299
E-mail: [email protected] • Web site: www.cbsc.org/nunavut

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