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Polar Race 2003 News

27 June 2022 - Polar Race 2003 Celebrations

Polar Race 2003 Ball

On Friday 31st May a Celebration Ball took place at Wokefield Park, Berskhire and was enjoyed by everyone.

Jock Wishart roused the assembled audience of competitors, organisers, families and sponsors with a speech filled with amusing anecdotes and candid photographs from the race. Much to the embarassment of those involved!

Jock Wishart making his speech

Robert Powell was then called on to present trophies to each of the teams, recognising each team's achievement of reaching the Magnetic North Pole.

Extreme Steps and VIP3 receiving their trophies from Robert Powell

Thanks to all involved in the organization of this event and Initial Style Conferences for making available Wokefield Mansion for the event.

Polar Race 2003 Awards Ceremony

On Friday 6th June The Polar Race 2003 Awards ceremony took place in the presence of HRH Prince Andrew the Duke of York, at the Initial Style Conference Centre in Sunningdale. A fabulous evening was had by all with HRH the Duke of York presenting prizes to all four teams, including the Wedgwood Blue Ice Trophy to the winners, Initial Style Explorers; and the runners up, Polar Team.

Initial Style Explorers and Polar Team receiving their prizes

It was a tremendous event and a fitting finish to the first ever Polar Race. It recognised the tremendous achievements of all the racers. Jock Wishart, who was the inspiration behind this pioneering event, is to be congratulated on achieving another first especially when many of the professionals in polar exploration said it could not be done. Jock Wishart certainly leads where others can only follow.

All the racers and organisers received a Wedgwood Plate signed by the racers and organisers.

Very many thanks to Initial Style Conferences and the many people involved in organising the splendid evening; with particular mention to Mr Alastair Stewart for hosting the event and Liz McOwat for all her hard work.

Polar Race 2005

The next update to this website will be with the launch of the Polar Race 2005 when racers will again compete to win the Wedgwood Blue Ice Trophy which is a perpetual trophy for the Polar Race to the Magnetic North Pole, probably the world's toughest race.

7 May 2022 - The Polar Race teams arrive back in the UK to a great welcome by family and friends and the media

All four teams who competed in the first ever Polar Race for the Wedgwood Blue Ice Trophy arrived at Heathrow Airport this morning to be met by family and friends and the media. Video interviews took place amidst the general welcome home celebrations. After travelling since last Saturday when they left Resolute, everyone was very pleased to be finally back in the UK.

Jock Wishart said: "It is great to be back with everyone safe and very happy. In the end the Race was a success due to a set of outstanding individuals who competed in outstanding teams."

Racers and organisers at Resolute Bay Airport

Phil Ashby of the Initial Style Explorers team who
won the race being interviewed at Heathrow

Note: There will be a few more website news updates over the next few weeks. If you are currently alerted by email when the website is updated, this will continue to happen.

4 May 2022 - The Polar Race teams and organisers head back to the UK after successfully finishing what is "probably the world's toughest race"

The Polar Race 2003 finished yesterday with every racer who set out reaching the Pole safe and well. What a fantastic achievement by them all. What a great bunch of people. They will be a hard act to beat when the Polar Race 2005 takes place.

Congratulations to them all (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Chris, Manley and Phil of "Initial Style Explorers"
  • Richard and Tony of "Polar Team" (with Babs muscling in)
  • Mike and Steve of "Extreme Steps" (with Babs muscling in again!)
  • Richard, Babs and Casper of "ViP3".


The teams and organisers now start the trip back to the UK which involves flying to Iqaluit (including a stopover), Ottawa (another stopover) and finally to London Heathrow arriving at 10:40am on Wednesday 7 May 2003. Until we get back to the UK, there will be no further news updates. A final update will be made on arrival.

We thought we would leave you with some quotes...

Initial Style Explorers Chris
"Overall an excellent experience - we've laid down the gauntlet for any future racers - the challenge for them is to beat our time."
"I've lost 8 pounds in weight but it has taken one million steps plus a quarter of a million calories. I can think of easier ways to diet."
"Bloody marvellous, splendid."
Polar Team Tony
"Congratulations to all the racers on completing what is, without a doubt, the coldest and most extreme race on earth."
"Just great to finish, congratulations to ISE, a fantastic performance."
Extreme Steps Mike
"We're absolutely thrilled to have got to the Magnetic North Pole. We're very pleased with our own performance and feel privileged to have taken part in this momentous event."
"Jock promised a life enhancing experience. He should be proud to have got everyone to the finish safely. I felt our learning and abilities improved with every stage."
ViP3 Casper
"Congratulations to ISE for a well deserved win in excellent style. It was a fantastic experience just to be part of this event and congratulations to all competitors."
"Physically, mentally and emotionally, the Polar Race is the hardest challenge that I have ever been involved in. Thanks to Casper and Richard for their support and to the teams, Dr Ian Davies, Jock and all the organisers for their encouragement. We started as novices and ended as pros. Congratulations to ISE whose tracks lead us to the pole and our ultimate goal."
"Brilliant experience! Everything else will never seem quite so difficult in future. A fantastic bunch of racers and support team."
Organisers Jock
"What a relief it is all over, all safe and sound at the finish."
"Whatever did we do without satellite phones, the Internet and email on adventures like this?"
"Had a great time, bring on the next one."
Dr Ian
"3am sat at the Pole writing my diary in the blazing sun, utterly quiet, totally peaceful, fantastic."
(in the UK)
"Although 6 time-zones and nearly 3000 miles away from the action, I soon came to realise the Polar Race is a lot more than just a long walk in the snow!"

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