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11 December 2021 - Marlborough Downs Yomp

Marlborough Downs Yomp
The entrants back at the Shepherds Rest
after an enjoyable yomp on the Downs

Following a successful second assessment day on Saturday 10th, a number of our entrants took part in a yomp along the Ridgeway on the Marlborough Downs on Sunday — a "gentle" 4 to 5 hour exercise to assess physical fitness.

The weather was marvellous and despite the distance being lengthened from the usual course, the first contestants still returned in 4½ hours, with everyone back before dark.

The smiles on the faces when they returned back to the Shepherds Rest pub for some much neaded "sustinence", said it all.

It was a nice warm up for Tough Guys in July which is part of this year's training programme. The yomp that is, not the pub!

6 November 2021 - First Assessment Day

First Assessment Day
Jock Wishart introduces the new entrants to
the Polar Race, overwatched by the film crew

The first assessment day for UK entrants in Polar Race 2007 was held at Taunton School, Somerset on Sunday — part of Polar Adventures' approach to ensuring a successful event for our competitors.

Jock Wishart introduced proceedings, before leaving John Peck and Polar Adventure's arctic experts to assess the new entrants.

Part of the process is the psychometric tests for which feedback was given on the day. It made for some nervous looking entrants who found out a lot about themselves and what makes them tick.

At Polar Adventures we believe that much of it is in the mind!

18 October 2021 - John Peck to lead first assessment day on November 6th

John Peck The Polar Race is well known to be a physically hard undertaking, but many are surprised to find that is even harder mentally.

Polar Race 2007's first assessment day, to discover whether our athletes are mentally fit enough for the arduous race, is to be run by former senior police officer, John Peck, of First Ascent.

John is an expert in what makes people tick, and he knows only too well the pressures racers will be under when dealing with the challenges facing them on this expedition.

Before founding First Ascent, John was Divisional Commander of the busiest police station in London. He honed his skills whilst leading his officers into action dealing with riots and unrest in the highly charged and volatile city of the time.

And in his personal life, John has led teams to remote parts of the world on a wide variety of expeditions — including first British ascents of peaks in the Himalayas — and he has rowed across the Atlantic and run across the Sahara.

John, together with the Polar Race's arctic experts, will use interviews, team exercises and psychometric tests to assess, and advise, those entrants who have applied to take part in Polar Race 2007 ...

... probably the world's toughest race.

2 October 2021 - Date of first assessment session announced

The first assessment day for applicants wishing to take part in Polar Race 2007 has been announced. It will be held on Sunday 6th November in Taunton, Somerset

The day will include interviews, psychometric tests and team exercises. At this stage we are more interested in mental and social stengths than we are in physical strength which can be built up later.

Our polar experts will be on hand to assess each potential entrant. Those fulfilling the necessary criteria will be invited to compete in Polar Race 2007.

Don't worry — you're not too late if you want to take part in the race but haven't yet applied. Click here for details of what's involved, and how to apply.

Further assessment days will be held later in the year for those entering from overseas, and for new applicants.

3 August 2021 - Polar Race 2007

Following the huge successes of Polar Race 2003 and Polar Race 2005, plans for the third biennial race to the Magnetic North Pole are well underway.

The Polar Race 2007 brochure is now available and entries are already starting to come in.

The race is scheduled to take place beginning in April 2007, starting from Resolute Bay in northernmost Canada. The first assessment day will be held at the end of October 2005 in Taunton, UK.

If you are interested in taking part and would like a copy of the brochure then please fill in the "Expression of Interest" form on our Enter Polar Race 2007 page.

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