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Richard Dunwoody (Polar Team) Report on Leg 2 of Polar Race 2003

I am competing in the first ever Polar Race for the Wedgwood Blue Ice Trophy, which starts in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, which is one of the most northerly communities in the world in the Canadian Arctic and finishes over 400 miles away towards the Magnetic North Pole.

We race on foot or ski over snow and ice pulling all our supplies behind us in temperatures as low as -45 degrees centigrade. It is "probably the toughest race in the world" and a very "hard" character called Tony Martin is partnering me.

We have just finished the second leg of the race.

It was a tough leg with a lot of difficulties including driving wind and snow, poor thin ice and polar bears. On each of the first two nights of this leg we camped close to the Initial Style Explorers team, who were leading. On the third night we passed them while they were asleep and camped at 3.00am some 5 miles ahead. They repassed us in Carey Harbour, a frozen inlet on the northern end of Bathurst Island, when we were slowed by the injuries we were carrying but we remained in close contact until we were forced to camp again on the fourth night and came in the next day in second place.

We were very pleased to have pushed ISE so hard and to be so close to them having covered almost 200 statute miles on foot and ski in these extreme conditions in only 6 days. We are still intent on giving it our all on the remaining two legs, maintaining second place and hoping that we can pressurise ISE into a major mistake.

Richard Dunwoody

Polar Team at Checkpoint 2 of Polar Race 2003
20 April 2022

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