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Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon

Team: Pole Position

HOME:  Wakefield, UK
AGE:  40 something
HEIGHT:  186cm (6'1")
WEIGHT:  90kg (198 lbs)
PROFESSION:  Managing Director of a print and mail company
INTERESTS:  Skiing, Cycling, Running, Sailing, Wakefield Wildcats
PRIOR EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE:  Cycling from London to Paris. Running half-marathons in Prague, Nottingham and Liverpool
PREVIOUS COLDEST PLACE:  Probably standing watching my son play rugby in Siddal, Halifax on a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, Finland at around -25°C
REASON FOR ENTERING RACE:  1) To be the best I can be.
2) As someone suffering from type 1 diabetes I experience both ignorance and prejudice. I hope to prove both to sufferers and non-diabetics alike that diabetes is not an impediment to successful participation in any physical activity.
3) To create awareness and raise money for the charity, SmartRisk.


It seems like I am living my life in reverse. Over the past two years I have participated in a range of inspirational activities more suited to late teens and early twenties than a forty something! This polar challenge will be the culmination of them.

Originally from Settle in North Yorkshire, I spent most of my formative years in and around Rothwell, South Leeds, before moving to Wakefield about twenty five years ago.

I attended Rothwell Grammar School and gained a Masters degree at Leeds University. I joined a local printing business, eventually becoming Sales and Marketing Director. After a brief spell as head of sales and marketing at JC Moores in Liverpool, five years ago I headed a management buy-out at Charisma Colour Print in Sheffield, thereby achieving a long held business ambition.


One of the main reasons for participating in the race is to create awareness and raise money for an important but little known charity, SmartRisk.

Originally a Canadian based charity, their primary activity in the UK is to run road-shows aimed at young people.

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