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Justin Packshaw

Justin Packshaw

Neways Polar Team

HOME:  London, UK
AGE:  40
HEIGHT:  185cm (6'1")
WEIGHT:  83kg (183 lbs)
PROFESSION:  Company Director
INTERESTS:  People, Learning, Adventurous travel, Competitive Sports
PREVIOUS COLDEST PLACE:  Sailing in the Southern Ocean
REASON FOR ENTERING RACE:  Challenge and interest to see the North Pole first hand


Brought up in the Mediterranean, I left school and became a soldier for ten years. I left the army and took a Masters Degree in Business at Edinburgh University. I moved to New York in 1994 to work for Wand & Partners, part of S.G. Warburg & Co, before setting up my own business. Since 1996 I have coordinated a round-the-world yacht race for News Corporation, started an advertising newspaper in the Mediterranean and am now running a marine technology company.

Adventure, sports and travel are an important feature in my life. I've travelled extensively; having ridden horses across Mongolia, driven a motorbike through East Africa, skydived, skied and climbed widely. In 1990 I represented Britain in the Whitbread Round-the-World Yacht Race.

It has been one of my lifetime ambitions to visit the North Pole and the fact that the Polar Race is a competitive event where the teams are self-sufficient adds an appealing dimension.

I am married to Tamsin and live in London.


Neways International (UK) Ltd, manufactures cutting-edge nutritional supplements based on modern science, ancient Chinese, Ayurverdic and Tibetan formulas, including powerful antioxidants and effective products designed for the athlete or enthusiastic sports person. Their varied range includes superior toxin-free cosmetics, dental care and personal care products.


Conte of Florence is an Italian sportswear company started in 1952, which produces beautifully made sports clothing for Skiing, Golf and Yachting.


de Roemer is a stunning new international fashion label which designs ultra glamorous cashmere jumpers for men and women, fine jewellery and handbags. The label is presently stocked in Matches, Selfridges, Liberty, The Cross and other designer boutiques in London, New York Los Angeles, Paris and Spain.


palmOne, Inc. -- a leader in handheld computing and communications solutions -- strives to put the power of computing in people's hands so they can access and share their most important information. The company's products include ZireTM and TungstenTM handhelds and TreoTM smartphones, software and accessories. palmOne products are sold through select internet, retail, reseller and wireless operator channels throughout the world, and on the palmOne Store http://eurostore.palmOne.com.



The NSPCC's purpose is to end cruelty to children. Its vision is of a society where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential. The NSPCC seeks to achieve cultural, social and political change - influencing legislation, policy, practice, attitudes and behaviours and delivering services for the benefit of children and young people.


Save the Rhino International is committed to ensuring the survival of the rhinoceros species in the wild. The charity works in close consultation with managers and communities in wildlife areas and provides direct support for rhino and community conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

  Save the Rhino International

The Wilderness Trust was established in 1974 by Sir Laurens van der Post, writer, explorer and philosopher, and Dr Ian Player DMS, international conservationist. The trust works closely with sister organizations the Wilderness Foundation in South Africa, the WILD Foundation in the USA and other groups in Europe and Asia. Together share a common belief in the irreplaceable value of wilderness, which contains the wonders of pristine nature, and enables us to return to our origins and draw a deep sense of belonging and inspiration.

  Wilderness Trust

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