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"Brilliant experience! Everything else will never seem quite so difficult in future. A fantastic bunch of racers and support team."

Richard Raine, Polar Race 2003

"Jock promised a life enhancing experience. He should be proud to have got everyone to the finish safely. I felt our learning and abilities improved with every stage."

Steve East, Polar Race 2003

"The race was more fulfiling, more brutal and more spectacular than I had imagined. I'm so glad I've done it but it was pretty exhausting."

Charlie Newington-Bridges, Polar Race 2005

"The camaraderie was unbelievable. Sixteen kindred spirits on an experience out of the ordinary."

Ted Adam, Polar Race 2005

"I can't sufficiently express my appreciation and admiration for the event, the training, the instructors and staff you have put together."

Dugald Macdonald, Polar Race 2005

We're now taking applications for interest in the next event, Polar Race 2007, with training sessions due to start in November 2005.

All novice entrants are put through specialised training to gain pre-expedition experience. There are regular briefings for up to two years prior to the race, together with distribution of background information to fully acquaint entrants with all the necessary information for a safe and successful expedition.

No one else matches our record in successfully getting people to the Magnetic North Pole.

The facts are indisputable:

1996 – 

Largest ever group to walk together to the Magnetic North Pole.

2003 – 

First ever Polar Race, with all starters successfully and safely making the finish.

2005 – 

First Italian woman to walk to any northern pole.
First Australian woman to walk to any northern pole.
First South Africans to walk to the Magnetic North Pole.

We lead, others only follow.

To see what's in store have a look at the Training Schedule for a summary of the training sessions and the Polar Race 2005 News for the daily diary of the 2005 race. And don't forget to check out the contents of our Multimedia Centre.

The total individual entry fee for Polar Race 2007 is £19,000 paid in instalments. Advice will be given on sponsorship, where required. The entry fee is an all-inclusive figure, which includes the return flights from London to the start/end of the race, all equipment, training, insurance, etc. Everything except your bar bills and phone calls home!

If we've whetted your appetite and you'd like to express your interest in applying to enter Polar Race 2007, then click here for a no-obligation application form. Please fill it in and send it to the postal or email address below.

Jock Wishart
Polar Adventures Ltd
18 Neville Road

Email: jockwish@aol.com

Alternatively write to, email, or phone Polar Adventures stating your full name, age, and contact details.

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