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Helen Lee

Team: Pole Position

NATIONALITY:  Irish/Australian
HOME:  Sydney, Australia
HEIGHT:  163cm (5'4")
WEIGHT:  55kg (121 lbs)
PROFESSION:  Architect
INTERESTS:  Cycling, Keeping fit, Reading, Movies, Theatre, Spending time with friends
PRIOR EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE:  Two months crewing on tall ship in Australia
PREVIOUS COLDEST PLACE:  Australian ski fields in winter
REASON FOR ENTERING RACE:  To experience one of the last true wildernesses and to see if I have got what it takes to survive these extreme conditions.


Sydney based architect enjoying an active lifestyle.

Born in Dublin, I grew up and attended school in Arklow, Co Wicklow. In 1977 having graduated with a diploma in Architectural Technology from the College of Technology Dublin I moved to London.

I spent a number of years working for RHWL Architects in London and during this time I moved to Kent and discovered skydiving. I thought that doing stunt work would be a fun way of earning extra money to finance my new passion and set about acquiring the necessary skills to become a stunt woman!

In 1987 I emigrated to Australia and settled in Sydney where I have worked for Michael Standley & Assocs. Architects while also doing television stunt work.

In 1991 I had a break from work to spend some time crewing on a tall ship sailing between Sydney and Tasmania and all ports inbetween, followed by a trip to Sweden crewing on "Ingo" sailing up and down the Swedish west coast.

After attending the University of Tasmania for three years gaining Bachelor of Environmental Design and Bachelor of Architecture degrees I returned to Sydney where I have been working as an architect and enjoying my latest passion, cycling.

I enjoy the outdoor lifestyle Sydney has to offer and I will certainly miss the climate when I relocate to the UK in preparation for the Polar Race.

Although I have participated in a variety of sports (skydiving, scuba diving, fencing, cycling, running, swimming) over the years, I think the challenges and rewards the Polar Race will present far outweigh any previous experiences.


Exel have given me a pair of Nordic walking poles to help with my training.

Exel is a leading composite technology company in Europe that designs and manufactures glass and carbon reinforced industrial profiles and laminates for industrial applications and sports equipment.


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