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Polar Race Communications

Communications Equipment Summary

Each Team - Communication

  • 1x Iridium Phone
  • 1x every day battery
  • 1x emergency battery
  • Battery replaced with charged one at each Checkpoint

Each Team Member - GPS

  • 1x Garmin GPS eTrex, connected to...
  • 1x GyPSI 406 PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)
  • Spare Batteries

Each Team - Photography

  • Digital Video Camera available for each team for some part of trip to record video diary
  • Digital Still Camera, e.g. Sony Cybershot
  • Battery and film/memory replaced at each Checkpoint

Control Centre in Resolute Bay

  • Iridium Phones with Data Capability
  • Laptop computer and backup
  • Internet dial-up capability via land lines
  • Spare communications kit

Communications Logistics during race

Daily Voice Call via Iridium Phone from teams to Control Centre

  • Calls are on an agreed schedule
  • Instigated by race team

Each call will give

  • Current GPS position by voice
  • Verbal status update
  • Messages to be passed on to home
  • Messages to be passed on to team

Checkpoint Update

  • Replacement Batteries
  • Hand over video footage
  • Exchange still camera film/memory

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