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Polar Race Articles

1996 Certified Position of the Magnetic North Pole

Why does the Polar Race end at the 1996 certified position of the Magnetic North Pole?
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Resolute Bay

Resolute Bay is where the Polar Race starts and where the Polar Race Control Room is housed. This article talks abour Resolute today and gives both historical and present-day background of the area.
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Polaris Mine

Polaris Mine is the location of the first checkpoint of the Polar Race. This article gives a fascinating insight into Polaris.
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Poem - The Quitter

Jock Wishart read a poem for the racers shorly before they started on the first leg of Polar Race 2005.
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Simon Marshall's account of Jock Wishart

Jock Wishart is well known as both founder and organiser of the Polar Race, as well as a myriad of other polar, sailing and rowing escapades. Within the circles of people who have worked with him however, he is famous, or more correctly infamous as one of the worst cooks in the history of polar expeditions.

Luckily, Simon is a trained firefighter.

Click here to read Simon's account.

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